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Written by Don Reid on November 6th, 2014 Posted in General

I did not watch the ABC special “15 Songs That Changed Country Music” Monday night. But I did look up the list online the next day. I can honestly say I don’t have a lot of problem with it as a whole. There are a few songs and artists I would like to have seen added. Maybe a change of the number 15 to 20 would have solved any question I had with it.

First I would like to have seen Eddy Arnold represented. Maybe “Make The World Go Away” and Ray Price’s “For The Good Times”. “Change” is the key word here. They brought strings into country music and made them acceptable for all of us to use; and by including “For The Good Times”, that would have represented the songwriting of Kris Kristofferson who changed the tone and art of putting together a song and raised the bar for everyone who ever owned a piece of paper and a pencil.
Then I would have included Roger Miller. He was the best performer/songwriter the industry has ever known and he had a style that married the pop charts to the country. So let’s include “King of the Road” and pay him the respect he so deserves. Finally it would have to be Waylon. The Statlers and Waylon were good friends back in the very early days when he was still a suit and tie act on stage. We traveled a lot of miles together and sat up a lot of nights singing songs to one another all over the country. But when he, looking for a commercial hook, took off the tie, put on the hat and invented the Outlaw chapter of country music, that sparked the change that can still be heard in the music that is being recorded today.
And there you have my view from the valley. That and $5.50 will get you a cup of coffee at Starbuck’s.

Everyone is asking about the STATLER BROTHERS TV SHOW series from TNN and when it will be available. Well, all I can tell you is we have rounded second base with it and are heading hard for third. The shows are in the hands of the attorneys who are securing licensing and doing all the legal dances it takes to get them ready for the final marketing. I will honestly try to keep you updated as we are as excited about getting this done as all of you who have asked.

A new Christmas package has just been released containing the only two Christmas albums the STATLERS ever did. The double album consists of CHRISTMAS CARD (1978) and CHRISTMAS PRESENT (1985).
Check out the Statler website for more info at statlerbrothers.com
There are also other new and Christmas items you will find there.
Yours truly reading Heroes and Outlaws of the Bible never before on CD; WILSON/FAIRCHILD’S CHRISTMAS GUITARS and JIMMY’S albums.

Riddle: What is the one thing we all will have for Thanksgiving dinner?
If you said turkey, you’re wrong. It’s relatives. And most people like turkey better than they like their relatives. But I wish you and all of yours the most peaceful and restful Thanksgiving day ever. God’s blessings to you all.

DSR – 11/6/14

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