Heroes & Outlaws of the Bible



Written by Don Reid

New Leaf Press 2004

PRICE: $14.00


Probably like you, I have had Bible stories read to me since day one. Once I could read, they had us read them out loud in Sunday school class. We even acted them out down in the Kindergarten and Primary classes. My favorite was the Good Samaritan, even though, best I remember, I always wound up being his donkey! I never seemed to get the starring roles.

But for my first book, I decided I wanted to tell some of these old stories from the Old and New Testaments in a different language than I had ever heard them told before. I wanted to make them easy, simple and conversational. I wanted people to know Abraham as not just a dusty old character but also for the old rascal he sometimes was. I wanted them to see Samson’s pain and agony and not just a strongman who performed death-defying feats. And Elijah. Wow! There’s a piece of work straight from God’s hand to man’s earth. I wanted to really get to know the folks and to give the reader a chance to know them. So I tackled 8 of them and have gotten nothing but great feedback from each of them.

I think the best things to come from this project are the responses I got from so many churches around the country. Sunday school classes and Bible studies used my book for their weekly meetings. They read from it and then discussed it and still are. I thank the Lord for this opportunity. This book was a real learning experience for me and an even nicer blessing.

Don Reid