Sunday Morning Memories

Sunday Morning Memories


Written by Don Reid

New Leaf Press 2004

PRICE: $14.00


This is the most personal book I have ever written. There was no escape from the truth once I began. There was no fiction I could insert and no one else’s life I could fall back on. It’s not a biography but every story is biographical. Let me explain.

I grew up almost next door to our old Presbyterian church. I was there nearly every day for something. Bible school, Sunday school, worship services, funerals, weddings, playing softball on the diamond down back, working in the concession stand selling drinks and peanuts. The church was a never-ending social life for my family growing up. And this book is full of the funny things that occurred and the life-changing things that happened through the years. The night the Big Bopper came to a hot, summer, song service; the time someone stole money from the choir while they sang; and when Sunday movies first came to town.

Yes, it was the 50s. The greatest decade of all and I was just a kid in love with every minute of it. These little, short (2 and 3 page) stories are not just my stories but I think will be yours, also. I’m an Elder in this very same church now and sit where I always have every Sunday morning since I can remember. Come on in and sing your favorite hymn with me (each chapter is ended with the lyrics of an old classic) and see if you don’t have a good time before you leave. I certainly hope so.