Handling Las Vegas

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My intentions and plans were to write a blog this morning concerning something fun and lighthearted that I was involved with last week.  But intentions and plans get waylaid and forgotten when more serious concerns arise.  I am distraught over the horrible event in Las Vegas as I know you are.

I stood on stages all over the world for decades during thousands of performances and looked down into the smiling and joyous faces of country music fans who were there with family and friends simply for an evening of fun.  They were always happy and smiling; swaying to the rhythms of the music and mouthing the words of each song.  Husbands and wives, kids, sweethearts, mothers and fathers.   On the news these past few days I saw faces just like all those I remember but instead of being full of happiness and expectation, those faces were smeared in blood and streaked with fear and anguish; a dark, lost look in their eyes, trying frantically to make sense of something senseless.  They were crying and running for their lives; shielding those they love from whatever bullet of death may be coming toward their very heads in a split second.  But they showed their love for one another as all their good instincts kicked in immediately.  Strangers pulled strangers from the line of fire.  Some threw their bodies over loved ones in endearing acts of protection.  Lives were bonded with one horrific tragedy that will last in their minds for the rest of their lives.   At this writing, 59 of those wonderful human beings are dead.  The injured has reached a count of 527.  Who knows how these numbers will swell and change?  Only God in his infinite vision can know for sure.

I have looked upon this situation as a lifelong Christian, trying to come to terms with what happened in the same manner I have done with similar happenings over past years.  I don’t look for blame and reason but I do look for a handle to grasp as we go forward.  I struggle, as many in the faith do, to even know how to pray over such circumstances. At first I want to strike out at something or someone.  Then I recoil my feelings and attempt to follow a better path laced with a little wisdom, or so I should hope.

When Elijah asked Elisha what he could do for him before he was taken up to heaven, Elisha said, “I pray that you give me a double portion of your spirit.”  And that will be my prayer as we heal through this horrible passage in our nation’s history.  I’ll ask for a double portion of faith and wisdom; a double portion of healing for the families so much in need in this massacre.  And all this on the heels of so much pain and loss from natural disasters so many have suffered in recent weeks.  Where and when will it stop cannot be known by any of us.   So if you have been given faith, please ask boldly for a little more and lose yourself in prayer for all those so desperately in need of it.

All of God’s good blessings to you,

Don Reid




Remembering Glen

Written by Don Reid. Posted in General

Glen Campbell boiled over with talent and personality. Whether singing or picking, he took a backseat to no one.  Always smiling and upbeat with a ready story for whatever the occasion may be. We worked stage shows together; lots of TV; awards shows; specials; even went to the White House together one time.  We guested on his TV show on the west coast and he guested on ours in Nashville.

I used to take my coat off at the end of each show as we said our goodnights and it would reveal that I had on dress suspenders with my suit.  Glen was amused by this and told me he had never worn suspenders.  I said, “Even with a tux?  Certainly you have.”  But he swore he never had.  I gave him a pair of mine after one of the shows.  Don’t know if he ever tried them or not. (They were very fashionable at the time.)

Half the time he would call Harold, Wayne.  He said he just looked like that’s what his name should be.  He used to say, “You guys can call him Harold all you want to but I’m gonna call him Wayne.”  And, of course, Harold called him something different every time he saw him which became a running gag.

The clip you will watch here is of Glen and the Statlers on his show sometime in the 80s in L.A.  I’ve been asked what I remember about the show.  I remember we had fun as we always did when we got together.  And I remember this small, unrelated tidbit:  I was sitting outside our dressing room in the hallway that day reading a book when someone sat down beside me and started talking to me.  I looked over at the guy and realized it was Fred Willard.  You know Fred today as Phil Dunfey’s father on “Modern Family” and from all the comedy movies.  (“Best In Show” is my favorite.) Fred’s a big Statler fan and we hit it off as I’m an equally big fan of his.

(Strange how one memory leads to another.)

We hosted Glen numerous times during our seven-year series and on the last season (’97-’98) he was there three times.  Harold and I wrote a special segment called “Hollywood” especially for him and Pat Boone where we would sing and salute songs from the movies.  Pat did three of them with us and Glen did three of them.

The final show aired in May of ‘98.  Glen was on that final show.

I could write a thousand words and more about him but isn’t a picture worth just that?  And a video full of laughs and memories is worth even more.

Click on it and enjoy.  It makes me smile every time I do.  Of course, remembering Glen always makes us smile.

DSR    8/9/17