Written by Don Reid on October 2nd, 2008 Posted in General

For the past few months I’ve been doing some speaking engagements.  I’m not much interested in traveling anymore so they all have been fairly close to home.  I’ve also been doing some book signings and they haven’t been very close.  But still, I enjoy them all.

The speaking engagements are usually churches and not all of them are posted on this website for varied and sundry reasons.   Same for the booksignings.  Most have been at publishing conventions and are not opened to the public so I figured, “Why confuse the issue?” by advertising something folks can’t get into even if they showed up.  But one thing that has happened recently is something I very much want to share with everyone.

Yesterday, October 1, I had a new book released.  It’s a novel.  My first.  And I’m as happy about this book as I have been about anything for a long time.  It’s set at Christmastime in a small Virginia town I chose to call Mt. Jefferson.  One look at an Old Dominion map will tell you that there is no more a Mt. Jefferson than there is a Statler brother.  I just pulled the name out of the same air we pulled Statler from.  But in reality it’s Staunton, my favorite town and it takes place in 1958, my favorite decade.  If you’re so inclined, I hope you read it and, of course, I hope even more you like it.

Since I’ve been writing books these past six years, I’m always asked when the next one is coming.  That answer has always been rather nebulous as I was never sure if there would even be another one.  But now I can offer a firmer answer to that question.  We’ve just signed a two-book deal with DavidCCook Publishing so there will be more coming for sure.  Just keep watching this site and I’ll try to keep you informed as to when and what.

But right now I guess I’d better get back to work on those two books!

The holidays are upon us so have a fun Halloween, a peaceful Thanksgiving, and a Blessed Merry Christmas!

Thursday, Oct. 2 -6:50pm