Most Asked Questions

Written by Don Reid on February 28th, 2011 Posted in General

     The bane of retirement is contentment.

     Who said that? you may ask.  An ancient Greek philosopher?  An old world sage?  No, just an old hillbilly song and book writer who is speaking from experience.  Let me put it another way; the more I enjoy this retirement the less I want to do.  And that’s why so many of you have emailed me and said, “Why haven’t you been blogging lately?  It’s been months since you wrote anything in the ‘What’s On My Mind’ column.  My son, Langdon, has even gotten in on it.  He calls and emails me quite often with, “You haven’t written a blog recently.  You need to do that.”  And he and you are right.  There’s always plenty to say; I just need to take the time to say it.  And even though I answer all the personal emails, I want to share with you a few of the most asked questions I get each day.

    The #3 most asked question:  Are you writing a new book?

Oh, yeah.  It’s finished and at the publisher and waiting for a release schedule.  Right now the tentative date is January 12, 2012.  With books, as with albums, you never want to promise a particular date too far in advance as so many things can change; and the final decision is always the publisher’s.  I’ll keep the website updated as I get more concrete information.

     The #2 most asked question: Will the Statler Brothers tv show ever be released on dvd?

 We hope so.  The decision is only one half ours due to the legalities and owership of the shows.  Our attorney has been working on this for a long time and we feel we’re close to a possible agreement.  No one would like to see them on the market more than the four of us because they were such an important part of our professional and personal lives for seven years.  I don’t think we did anything in our collective career that we were any prouder of than that tv series.   All info will be posted on this site and on the Statler website when something definitely is known.

      The #1 most asked question: Will there ever be a reunion concert or reunion tour?

A wise man once said, “The bane of retirement is contentment.”  And you have three very content old boys in Harold and Phil and myself.  Jimmy is doing good out there and still enjoying what he’s doing; Phil is at the office everyday taking care of the things he wants to take care of; Harold is at home among the surroundings he hated to leave for so many years; and I’m writing without traveling.  Life is good.  We see one another often. 

     Jimmy comes to Staunton or we go to Nashville and we get together.  Harold and Phil and I see one another at church every Sunday morning and make it a point to get together for business and fun from time to time.  Just today, Harold and I had lunch together.  We laughed about some old times, remembered some old friends, and then he stuck me with the bill.

    So we have reunions all the time.  We just don’t sing anymore.  But God bless you for asking.


                                                      Feb. 28, 2011   – 8:30pm