You Know It’s Christmas When…

You Know It's Christmas When...


Written by Don Reid, Debo Reid, and Langdon Reid

Premium Press America 2005

PRICE: $12.95


These two guys are my pride and joy. My sons. They’re both songwriters and have had gobs of their own songs recorded. But I had the dream that we should write a book together. We came up with the idea of a Christmas book because Christmas has always been such an important part of our lives. We live for it each year and celebrate each one like it will be our last. Lights – love – church – children- Jesus – Santa – trees – presents. And we put all of that between these covers.

It’s pages full of original axioms and witticisms and wisdom of the season.

  • You Know It’s Christmas When… You see Santa at the mall…..and ten minutes later downtown.
  • You Know It’s Christmas When… The family rides around town and looks at the lights.
  • You Know It’s Christmas When… You put a wreath on someone’s grave and stand for a minute and have Christmas with them.

We wrote short stories for it. Poems. Christmas Movie quizzes. Christmas Song quizzes. It’s full of pictures and color. It’s funny and touching. It’s a family affair. And there’s a great picture of the three of us on the back cover where I look more like their brother than their father. (Okay, I went too far, but everything else I said was true.)